Choices of websites assignment

Creating Websites

Choices of websites:



 ·         This website is very straight forward

·         You can chose the type of website you want such as business and personal

·         Can create any kind of website for free

·         It is very simple to create your website quickly 


·         It asks for lots of information while signing up to create a website

·         Rather than that, I have found no negatives about this website 



·         You can make your website very fancy by adding different cool colors and/or colors

·         You can make it very quickly

·         Many people create a website on piczo which shows that it is a very popular website

·          Everything that you do on the website is absolute free


·        It is not made for putting lots of class work

·        Very complicated

·        Used mostly for fun 



·         Made mostly for teachers which means that I can easily put all of my work in it

·         Very neat and organized

·         You can easily create your website quickly

·         You can insert an unlimited amount of pages

·         You can control over what you choose to put


·         There are many steps that you have to complete before creating your website

·         Rather than that, I think that the website is an excellent source

4.     My choice:

Why I chose to use this website?

The reason I chose this website to create my own free website is because can easily put my work in it and the teacher can read it.  You have the right to control what you put and to delete any page that you don’t want to be on your page.  The number of pages that you insert on your website is an unlimited number.  The website can be created very quickly without any barriers to prevent you from doing so.  This website was meant for teachers to create their own and this can help me a lot because it means that I can put any document on it.  In addition, the website that you create can be easily understood and is not messy.